Differences between summary and detail filters

Technote (troubleshooting)

What are the differences between a summary filter and a detail filter?
Resolving the problem
Summary and detail filters both sets of criteria you apply to a report to change the focus of the report. You can use a filter to emphasize information that is important to you by filtering out what is unnecessary.

The differences between summary and details filters are as follows:

When you use a detail filter to filter a report only on detail data items, none of the data items in a detail filter are summary data items. Examples of detail data items are product, order number, and customer name. You can filter detail data items that you select from a query or a catalog. A detail filter applies one or more specified conditions to each row of data. If the conditions are true for a row, the row is retrieved and appears in the report; if the conditions are not true, the row is not retrieved and does not appear in the report.

A summary filter is used to filter summary data items in a report. Before you create a summary filter, you must calculate the summary data items that you want to use in the filter. Summary data items that you include in the filter are calculated before the filter is applied while summary data
items that aren’t in the filter are calculated after the summary filter is applied. You can filter summary data items that you select from a report query or the catalog.
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